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10.000 Maniacs - Blindman's Zoo
10.000 Maniacs - Campfire Songs 1
10.000 Maniacs - Campfire Songs 2
10.000 Maniacs - Eden's Children
10.000 Maniacs - Hope Chest, Fredonia S.
10.000 Maniacs - Human Conflict Number 5
10.000 Maniacs - In my Tribe
10.000 Maniacs - Love Among the
10.000 Maniacs - Our time in Eden
10.000 Maniacs - Secrets of I Ching
10.000 Maniacs - The Earth Pressed Flat
10.000 Maniacs - The Wishing Chair
10.000 Maniacs - Unplugged on MTV Preshow
3 Doors Down
3 Doors Down - Live Philadelphia
A perfect circle
Clannad Banba
Clannad Fuaim
Clannad Landmarks
Clannad Macalla
Clannad The Celtic Voice
Clannad 3
Cowboy Junkies The Caution Horses
Cowboy Junkies Pale sun, crescent moon
Cowboy Junkies Black Eyed Man
Cowboy Junkies Lay it down
Cowboy Junkies Whites off Earth now
Cowboy Junkies The Trinity session
Cranberries No need to argue
Cranberries Everybody is doing it
Cranberries Bury the matchet
Counting Crows
Cranberries 1
Crowded House - Platinum
Deacon Blue 1
Deacon Blue When the world knows your name
Deacon Blue Fellow Hoodlums
Dixie Chicks 1, 2, 3
Mark Knoplfer
Dire Straits On Every Street
Dire Straits Alchemmy
Dire Straits Brothers in Arms
Eagles Hotel California
Everything but the girl The best of
Everything but the girl 1 - 4
Everything but the girl Walking wounded
Everything but the girl Amplified Heart
Everything but the girl Love not money
Genesis 1, 2
Genesis - A New Beginning (L)
Goo Goo Dolls 1, 2
Hootie and the Blowfish 
Indigo Girls
Metallica - Golden Unplugged
Pearl Jam
Queen - Singles
Radiohead Best of 1
Radiohead Best of 2
Simple Minds 1
Simple Minds Good news from the next world
Texas. Portada Red Book
Texas: Texas
Texas: Southside
Texas: Mothers Heaven
Texas: Ricks Road
Texas: The Hush
Texas: Blonde
Texas: Careful what you whish for
The Cardigans 
The Corrs 1
The Corrs In Blue
The Corrs Talk on corners
The Corrs Borrowed Heaven
The Cramberries 1, 2, 3
The Sundays 1, 2
The Sundays Static & Silence
U2 1, 2, 3
U2 Boy
U2 The Joshua Tree
U2 Unforgetable fire
U2 Achtung baby
U2 Zooropa
U2 All you can't leave behind
U2 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
U2 No Line Horizon
U2 Golden Unplugged
Wet, Wet, Wet 1
Wet, Wet, Wet Holding back the river
BB King - Blues Masters
Bob Dylan - 5
Bob Marley Legend
Bruce Springsteen the rising
Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band Live 1975-1985 1
Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band Live 1975-1985 2
Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band Live 1975-1985 3
Bryan Adams Selección 1 - 2
Bryan Adams Reckless
Bryan Adams Waking up the neighbors
Bryan Adams - 11
Chris Isaak Wicked game
Clarence Carter
Dave Mathews Selección 1, 2
Eminem 8 Mile
George Benson 1, 2
George Benson Big Boss Band
Jack Johnson - 5 
James Blunt 1
James Blunt 2
James Taylor
Luther Vandross
Manu Chao Clandestino
Manu Chao Próxima estación Paraíso
Max Pezali - Time Out
Michael Bolton 1 - 3
Michael Bolton Soul provider
Michael Bolton The hunger
Michael Bolton Timeless 1
Micahel Bolton Timeless 2
Michael Bublé
Michael Bublé - A Taste of Bublé
Otis Redding The Dock of the Bay
Paul Simon
Percy Sledge The Best Of
Peter Gabriel US
Peter Gabriel Ovo
Peter Gabriel San Jacinto (78)
Peter Gabriel On the air (78)
Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill (77)
Peter Gabriel Intruder (80)
Peter Gabriel - Big Blue Ball
Phil Collins Selección
Phil Collins - 5
Quincy Jones Back on the block
Ray Charles - White Collection 1
Ray Charles - White Collection 2
Ray Charles - Genious Loves Company
Richard Marx Repeat Offender
Rod Stewart Selección 1, 2
Ryan Adams Selección 1, 2
Santana - Corazón espinado
Seal - 2
Seal - Live in Paris
Seal - Soul
Shaggy Hot Shot
Shaggy Lucky Day
Steve Vai Letters of the Alien
Steve Winwood Higher love
Steve Winwood Roll with it
Steve Winwood 2
Sting Selección 1 - 4
Sting Mercury Rising
Sting Brand new day
Sting Sacred Love
Sting The Summoner´s Tales
Taj Mahal Selección
Vangelis - Oceanic
Wilson Pickett The Best Of
Zucchero The best of

Van Morrison:
Van Morrison The best of Van Morrison The best of Part 2 Van Morrison Days like this Van Morrison Back on top Van Morrison The healing game Van Morrison Enlightenment Van Morrison Hymns to the silence 1 Van Morrison Hymns to the silence 2 Van Morrison The philosopher's stone 1 Van Morrison The philosopher's stone 2 Van Morrison Tupelo honey Van Morrison Beautiful vision Van Morrison No guru, no method, no teacher Van Morrison Wavelength Van Morrison A period of transition Van Morrison Common one Van Morrison A sense of wonder Van Morrison Veedon Fleece Van Morrison Inarticulated speech of the heart Van Morrison Avalon sunset Van Morrison The bang masters Van Morrison Into the music Van Morrison Irish Heartbeat Van Morrison Keep it Simple Van Morrison Here Comes

Mike Oldfield:
Hergest Ridge (1974) Ommadawn (1975) The Orchestral Tubular Bells (1975) QE2 (1980) Five Miles Out (1982) Crises (1983) Discovery (1984) The Killing Fields (1984) Islands (1987) Earth Moving (1989) Amarock (1990) Heaven's open (1991) Tubular Bells II (1992) The song of distant Earth (1994) Guitars (1999) The Millenium Bell (2000) Tubular Bells 25th Annyversary (2003) Light + Shade (2005)

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